For the past two years I have been trying to teach my daughter Spanish, while learning at the same time. Before, she was very receptive ( at 2 years old) and I could talk to her and read to her in Spanish with no problems. Now, she is resistant and says things such as, “No Spanish Daddy!”

I will admit, it pings a little when she does that. However, I will not give up. Anyway, almost two years ago, in anticipation of reading Spanish books to her, I bought a Disney book set. I thought she would enjoy it. At the time, I had a hard time trying to read the books and I figured I would eventually be able to read it if I kept studying.

Present Day

Well last night my daughter comes down the stairs and guess what she is holding in her hands. That’s right, it is the Disney book set. She takes out a book and asks me to read it. I asked, “You know that’s in Spanish, right?”

“Yes. Daddy.”

“You want me to read it?”


I got excited. So she sat beside me and I started to read. She stopped me before I could finish a sentence.

“No Spanish!”

Ping to the chest.

My wife chimes in, “Why don’t you just translate it to English.”

So that is what I did. You know what, I did a good job. I was able to read it as if I were reading in English. Even though I didn’t get all that I wanted, it was a win-win. My daughter was able to hear a good story and I was able to practice Spanish.

Not bad and the struggle continues.

My daughter will speak Spanish.

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2 thoughts on “Asked to Translate

  1. Aw I can completely relate to this from her point of view when I was younger. I wrote about my resistance to continuing to speak Spanish even though it was my first language, fortunately in my case I had no choice in the matter because my mom only spoke Spanish and I was so surrounded by it that I couldn’t avoid it. Keep trying, she might not appreciate what you are doing now but one day she will be so grateful! 😊

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