This book caught me by surprise. It is not your regular bland story for beginners. LA Casa: Short & Easy Spanish Novel for Beginners is about a family that finds the perfect house or so they think. The story picks up quickly and I found myself asking the characters (out loud) why they chose to do certain things. I also found myself concentrating on the story and not the level of the material. I have to admit that the book was nothing like I expected.

The bi-lingual book is written for people at the A2 level (Advanced beginner) and it has an interesting design. Twenty-one chapters – Ten sentences each chapter – No more than 12 words per line. That was the format.

It was a quick and easy read and I finished it in about 25 minutes.

Joe Arenas, the author, has written a jewel of a short story here and I think it would a good tool in the quest to retain or increase your level of Spanish.

Bakari is the author of MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish  and Spanish Small Talk . His books are available on Amazon and iTunes.


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