One of the best tools I have found to improve my Spanish is LanguageComics, which can be found on YouTube and Vimeo. The creator of the comic, Andy, is on another level when it comes to creating material for language students. He creates the comic for both Spanish and French learners so it pulls double duty. It is also bilingual with the English underneath the target language.

The main character is a twenty something guy who goes through ups and downs trying to live a life in the city. The comic is funny, slick and has entertaining music and quality narration. I went through each of his 100+ comics twice on Youtube when I found it.

The main purpose for me learning Spanish is to have fun with it, so this fit perfectly with my goals. So, check it out and if you like it, tell someone about it. I believe he deserves more credit and eyes on his creation.

Bakari is the author of MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish  and Spanish Small Talk . His books are available on Amazon and iTunes.


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