I have two courses on Memrise for my students in Communication (Communication Theories and Dr. Akil’s Public Speaking Exam). However, I never thought to use Memrise for my book, MUSCLE: El Inicio. My wife suggested I do so and I thought it was a great idea. It is now available and I will be adding more chapters in the following days.

Here is the pitch I use for the course:

MUSCLE: El Inicio – (Spanish – Short Novel)

This course reviews the hardest Spanish words from the bilingual reader novel, MUSCLE: El Inicio. This short novel is for advanced beginners and intermediate readers. Each chapter consists of 5-7 sentences and is written in the present tense. It is for readers who want real and exciting stories, but are still learning the language. Check out MUSCLE: EL Inicio on Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere where books are sold.

Bakari is the author of MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish  and Spanish Small Talk . His books are available on Amazon and iTunes.





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