5’8 and 168 pounds – Destroys NCAA records

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I am having fun creating these videos. I found out about this guy a couple of days ago. He is amazing. He is one of the smallest players in college football. He set amazing records as a college football story and is going into the NFL Draft. Who is Donnel Humphrey?

You can read Bakari’s books MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish  and Spanish Small Talk on Amazon.



MUSCLE: El Incio is on Memrise


I have two courses on Memrise for my students in Communication (Communication Theories and Dr. Akil’s Public Speaking Exam). However, I never thought to use Memrise for my book, MUSCLE: El Inicio. My wife suggested I do so and I thought it was a great idea. It is now available and I will be adding more chapters in the following days.

Here is the pitch I use for the course:

MUSCLE: El Inicio – (Spanish – Short Novel)

This course reviews the hardest Spanish words from the bilingual reader novel, MUSCLE: El Inicio. This short novel is for advanced beginners and intermediate readers. Each chapter consists of 5-7 sentences and is written in the present tense. It is for readers who want real and exciting stories, but are still learning the language. Check out MUSCLE: EL Inicio on Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere where books are sold.

Bakari is the author of MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish  and Spanish Small Talk . His books are available on Amazon and iTunes.




MUSCLE: El Inicio


This is my new book, MUSCLE: El Inicio. I created it for people who are looking for fun and exciting material to read in Spanish, but are still trying to learn the language. I know how hard it was for me to find books when I was trying to learn, so this is my way of contributing to others.

Most of the book is written in the present tense. The past and future tenses were used only when necessary. Simple language was chosen and the English translation is available when the reader needs it. It is my new series for Spanish learners and I have two more stories planned for the future.

Bakari is also the author of Spanish Conversations, Real Spanish and Spanish Small Talk.