Spanish: Conversations for Business


Here is my latest book. I wrote it to address the needs of people who want to improve their ability to interact in a business environment. It has eleven different categories ranging from asking for an application to the end of the work day.


Bakari is also the author of Easy Spanish, Learn Spanish, Real Spanish, Spanish Conversations and Spanish Small Talk. His books can be found on Amazon, iTunes and other places where books are sold.



LanguageComics- Best Tool EVER!


One of the best tools I have found to improve my Spanish is LanguageComics, which can be found on YouTube and Vimeo. The creator of the comic, Andy, is on another level when it comes to creating material for language students. He creates the comic for both Spanish and French learners so it pulls double duty. It is also bilingual with the English underneath the target language.

The main character is a twenty something guy who goes through ups and downs trying to live a life in the city. The comic is funny, slick and has entertaining music and quality narration. I went through each of his 100+ comics twice on Youtube when I found it.

The main purpose for me learning Spanish is to have fun with it, so this fit perfectly with my goals. So, check it out and if you like it, tell someone about it. I believe he deserves more credit and eyes on his creation.

Bakari is the author of MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish  and Spanish Small Talk . His books are available on Amazon and iTunes.

Book Review – La Casa: Short and Easy Spanish Novels


This book caught me by surprise. It is not your regular bland story for beginners. LA Casa: Short & Easy Spanish Novel for Beginners is about a family that finds the perfect house or so they think. The story picks up quickly and I found myself asking the characters (out loud) why they chose to do certain things. I also found myself concentrating on the story and not the level of the material. I have to admit that the book was nothing like I expected.

The bi-lingual book is written for people at the A2 level (Advanced beginner) and it has an interesting design. Twenty-one chapters – Ten sentences each chapter – No more than 12 words per line. That was the format.

It was a quick and easy read and I finished it in about 25 minutes.

Joe Arenas, the author, has written a jewel of a short story here and I think it would a good tool in the quest to retain or increase your level of Spanish.

Bakari is the author of MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish  and Spanish Small Talk . His books are available on Amazon and iTunes.

Asked to Translate

For the past two years I have been trying to teach my daughter Spanish, while learning at the same time. Before, she was very receptive ( at 2 years old) and I could talk to her and read to her in Spanish with no problems. Now, she is resistant and says things such as, “No Spanish Daddy!”

I will admit, it pings a little when she does that. However, I will not give up. Anyway, almost two years ago, in anticipation of reading Spanish books to her, I bought a Disney book set. I thought she would enjoy it. At the time, I had a hard time trying to read the books and I figured I would eventually be able to read it if I kept studying.

Present Day

Well last night my daughter comes down the stairs and guess what she is holding in her hands. That’s right, it is the Disney book set. She takes out a book and asks me to read it. I asked, “You know that’s in Spanish, right?”

“Yes. Daddy.”

“You want me to read it?”


I got excited. So she sat beside me and I started to read. She stopped me before I could finish a sentence.

“No Spanish!”

Ping to the chest.

My wife chimes in, “Why don’t you just translate it to English.”

So that is what I did. You know what, I did a good job. I was able to read it as if I were reading in English. Even though I didn’t get all that I wanted, it was a win-win. My daughter was able to hear a good story and I was able to practice Spanish.

Not bad and the struggle continues.

My daughter will speak Spanish.

You can read Bakari’s books MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish  and Spanish Small Talk on Amazon.



Not much time.. Read a book in Spanish!


When I don’t have a lot of time, yet still want to fit in a little Spanish, I read a children’s book. I can finish them quickly, learn a few concepts and feel a sense of accomplishment. Plus, children’s books are repetitive so I often embed a new phrase or saying in my verbal tackle box.

I will talk about my experiences with children’s books later, but for now I wanted to share how they help me keep the ball (Spanish) in play when life is a blur.

You can read Bakari’s books MUSCLE: EL InicioSpanish Conversations, Real Spanish and Spanish Small Talk on Amazon.